Baptist Mission
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Rupok Habol Bala

Rupak Hebal Bala
In charge

Baptist Children Village (BCV)-Khulna is established in the south part of big and wonderful charming green compound of Khulna Ancholic (Regional) Church Sangha under BBCS which is located at 59 Rupsha stand Road of Khulna divisional city. SHED Board/BBCS has been operating the Children Village with the financial and technical support of Liebenzell Mission International dated from August 4, 1995. Due to poverty children are mostly deprived to enjoy their right in accessing appropriate education. As a result children are naturally involved as child labors so literacy rate of Bangladesh along in the churches is not improve enough in accordance with the expectation.

62 foster children are living now at the Children Village. All of them come from Christian families who have no ability to pay fees. There is a homely and healthy atmosphere for growing up of all the children both mentally and physically. Most of the children consider the place comparatively better than their homes. The children of this project are being provided loving care service by appointed foster parents and other assigned person.